Products and Additional Features

Our unique vision of the traditional “highlight reel”, includes a documentar-style interview which shows the athlete’s talents while getting to know the whole person.  The story of the athlete is told in a clear concise way that not only shows the exceptional skills they have as a player, but in addition, shows personality, leadership and desired goals. All this is wrapped up into approximately 4-6 minute video that will be uploaded to Youtube and can be shared with potential college coaches. We will also offer a complete web page profile of your athlete that will have your video embedded for ease of sending out the links. Review our packages and contact us for your personal needs. We look forward working with you on creating your athlete’s Spotlight.

Content Gathering

Having clear quality video footage is most important. Gathering enough good footage to spotlight your athlete takes time. We can help guide you on the best possible way to accomplish this. Using smart phones is the easiest and most frequently used option.


We have different packages to choose from, so everyone could find a path that suits them. You provide your own video content, and we take care of the still photography, interview filming, and editing the complete project until your final cut is approved.

Other Services

What goes into a successful Spotlight is a variety of media. Still photography helps capture an athletes form, mechanics and more. We provide action shoots upon request. Drone footage is one of our latest options that give a different view to an athlete or playing field.