Gathering video can be a problem. You may be a parent trying to watch the game/event, while trying capture good content. It’s hard to do both so if you rather hire someone to take the video footage of the athlete we can help you out there. We charge by the hour for game videos and may be subject to availability and location. Gathering a few parents to share in the cost of filming a team is also a efficient way to go. Contact us for more details and team pricing.



Photography Options

Drone Video and Photos

There are so many ways to capture the story and an aerial view is an impactful way to see a different playing field, show a school or area you live. Showing a sport from overhead is a new concept and a look many has not seen yet. With the use of drones, this perspective is easily created. By adding this view to the “whole person” approach, we bring a new visual element that gives us a new way of looking at the athlete.

Still Photography

The use of still shots are important to tell the whole story of an athlete. A quality action shot shows technique, form, and determination. A staged photo session can  be helpful to show the athlete in motion, accentuating their mechanics and style. Still photography is charged by the hour and if you want photos for other use than in a highlight reel, additional fees may apply. A group session could always be organized with a few athletes to cut down in the cost of a photo session.

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Video Style and Clarity - Raw unedited footage