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Capturing Moments

The best time to start videoing is now! It takes many games, events or matches to catch good, usable, video footage. Smart phone technology has made it easy for everyone to be able to film 1080 dpi or even 4K resolution with ease, that a professional videographer could only achieve. Here are some tips for taking good video.

  • Make sure you video settings are on 1080P HD at 60 fps, or if you have 4K at 60 fps is best
  • Get as close to the action as possible
  • Make sure the sun is behind you
  • Do not zoom in more than 1.6 X – becomes more shaky the closer you zoom
  • Zooming in will decrease resolution- we can zoom (crop) in during editing
  • Video in smaller clips: 20 seconds – 1 minute, if possible – easier for uploading
  • Try not to talk while filming, if sitting by loud fans, move!
  • After an event of videoing, discard the clips that do not show the athlete doing something wonderful – helps with organization
  • Label the clips: such as goal, defense, etc. – again helps with organization
  • If this seems too much, we are also able to film for you
  • Please feel free to reach out with questions about filming

You Could Never Start Too Early

Being your own videographer takes practice and you can never start too early. Freshman year you should be starting to gather your stills shots and video so you can make sure you are able to capture the action shots. Capturing high school games is good but colleges also want to see your club footage as well.  Sophomore year you should be comfortable with filming or now in your process of how you will be collecting content. If  you are looking at a division I or II school you want to get on their radar as soon as possible so they can follow you during high school.  If the athlete is a junior, it is imperative you are gathering recent content, either yourself or hiring a videographer to capture game play. Team sports take longer to capture since the athlete might not be playing the entire game and the focus is not on one player.  Our experience has shown that videoing team sports might take 10 games to capture 30 usable clips of video. Here is a good link on “How to Contact College Coaches”.   Be sure to include your athlete profile page or youtube link to your “spotlight” video. We would be more than happy to help you on this journey so feel free to contact us with questions.

NO Vertical Video

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