Creation of Earley Spotlight

Earley Spotlight is owned and operated by Wendy Earley and is located in Orange County California. Wendy Earley, a former USC springboard and platform diver, has leveraged her sports background, athlete coaching and  30 years of personal training and wellness training experience to build a company focused on providing high-end, professional “spotlight” videos for athletes of all abilities. Coming from parents that were diving coaches at Stanford, USC and UC Irvine for over 30 years, this was an asset in knowing what college coaches are looking for when recruiting talent. Wendy’s eye for movement, combined with her creativity, allows her to capture the talents of aspiring athletes, musicians, and artists, that will propel them into college or the next level.

Where the "Interview Style" Spotlight Originated

In today’s world of technology, you are required to market yourselve with video, to portray your talents in a concise presentation that will leave the viewer wanting more. Earley Spotlight’s unique “interview-style” will set you apart from the rest. The talent narrates their story, while showcasing their personality and skills, in a visually creative way to get to know the “whole person”.

Talented people are so much more than a one-dimensional talent or skill. They have charisma, are leaders and are made up of unique characteristics that set themselves apart from every other person. 

So why not show that when highlighting yourself to third parties? This is what the Earley Spotlight product delivers to you. The result is, recruiters want to know more about you and are more likely to reach out to you proactively. Ultimately, this gets you what you deserve and desire.