Play Sports. Beyond.

Unique recruiting highlight videos that captures the whole athlete with a signature interview style. Our “Spotlight” will tell them who you are and intrigue the viewer to want to see more.

"Film making is just a very luxurious and efficient way of expressing yourself."

- Gaspar Noe

Why Choose Us?

First impressions are invaluable, let us be there to help you tell your story of who you are.


We will walk you through the process one step at a time, from gathering videos, to stills, to the end Spotlight.


Marketing your athlete is an art and you want to do it right the first time. As former college athletes ourselves we understand what it takes.


Portray your athletic skills in the best possible light. The utilization of current visuals and editing skills make the seamless footage tell the story.


You will get a more unique “spotlight reel” that will set you apart from the competition.  Our product value is head and shoulders above the rest.

What We Believe

Everyone has a story to tell; you are more than a number or player in the water or field. You are a leader, motivator, hard working athlete that wants to set themselves apart from all the rest. Tell them who you are.

How We Work

Begin capturing videos of the athlete over a season or summer. We take the action footage you shot, capture stills photos, produce a video, interview and complete edited, professional spotlight for marketing the athlete.

What We Offer

Marketing an athlete to college coaches is a must these days. We provide a signature, interview style “spotlight” that is 4-6 minutes in length. We develop clear, concise, complete marketing video for the athlete.